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Don't Let Your Air Ducts Make You Sick!

Every Duct system is contaminated with mold,

bacteria and viruses that can trigger allergy symptoms in sensitive people.

Most affected are children, the elderly and anyone whose immune system is compromised (such as while taking antibiotics). Mold remediation requires special training and equipment to ensure the safety and health of both workers and occupants. Even pets can suffer from the contamination in your  air ducts if they are left untreated.

Mold Growth

usually begins on the evaporator coils,

where moisture is being pulled out of the air. All mold needs is 60%  humidity and above to grow and thrive.

The mold will bleed through the plenum

in five to seven years under ordinary circumstances. Although the dead mold shown in the picture is black, the live mold inside is usually green, white, red or orange.

The supply vents

will show contaminants in eleven to twelve years, by which time someone in the house is probably already sick.

How We Decontaminate Ducts

First We Fog

Live mold spores release dangerous mycotoxins when disturbed, so we fog to kill all of them. Air duct cleaning in Spring Hill is not complete until this is done.

The Essential Oil of the Thyme Herb

is harmless to people and pets, and yet it kills every known contaminate within five minutes. This product will inhibit regrowth for up to two years, and we guarantee it for a year.

Next, We Vacuum

Next, we vacuum all

all vents with a commercial grade HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner to remove contamination without spreading it throughout the building.

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We Also Clean Dryer Ducts

Dryer Duct Fires

are the number one cause of house fires in America today. Fire-fighters suggest a dryer duct clean-out at least once a year.

Dryer Duct Lint

One years worth of lint build-up from a roof mounted dryer vent

is extremely flammable, and can back up into the dryer's heating element, catching the clothes and the house on fire.

Rooftop Vents

Rooftop Dryer Duct Vent

are the most dangerous. We do not go on the roof to clean the duct. We clean it from behind the dryer, if accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your service damage my flexible ducts?

No. Most residential ducts in this part of Florida are like yours, and can easily be damaged by spinning brushes and powerful negative air machines. Any loose dust and debris blows out every time your system comes on, so there is nothing to "clean". Sanitizing is what is needed to remediate the health risk.

Do we need to leave the house with our pets while you perfom your service?

No. The product that we use to fog the entire duct system is the essential oil of the thyme herb and it's use does not require any precautions. It is the only natural disinfectant ever approved for use in HVAC systems by the EPA, and no PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required by OSHA.

If we have you come back every year, do we really need our UV light?

No. Our duct fogging addresses the entire system and inhibits regrowth for more than a year, so a UV light would be redundant, and not necessary.

Can my air ducts really make me sick?

Yes. After we sanitize a duct system, we receive feedback from our customers:

  • My asthma symptoms are gone
  • My allergies are gone
  • I am sleeping much better
  • I don't wake up with a head-ache anymore
  • I don't wake up with a stuffy nose or scatchy throst anymore
  • My unexplainable nosebleeds have stopped
  • My skin rash has cleared up
  • My dog doesn't scratch all the time anymore
  • My cat doesn't sneeze anymore

How much do you charge for a normal service

Our normal charge within fifty miles of Spring Hill, Florida is $200 per system, and $100 for each service thereafter if within 2 years of the last service. We do not "up-sell".

Normal service includes:

  • Complete system inspection
  • Sanitizing entire duct system, from intake to supply vents
  • Cleaning of all vent grills (without removing)
  • Dryer duct cleaning 
  • Vehicle deodorizing and decontamination (if needed)

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